See what's inside.

AppCheck finds hidden cyber threats in your software.

Codenomicon Fuzz-o-Matic

Easy-To-Use Web Based Tool

Regardless of where teams are located, they will have access to this Powerful SaaS based tool that identifies all third party libraries and code packages. The system quickly identifies issues and delivers reports and remediation paths.

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

Quickly upload programs via a secure connection and receive a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) that outlines all third party components, their known vulnerabilities, and software licenses. AppCheck notifies you proactively when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Gain Visibility

To bring real strength to an organization’s infrastructure, better visibility is a requirement. See which third party software components are used to ensure they not points of vulnerability that leave your organization open for attack.

Optimize Verification and Validation

AppCheck applies intense scrutiny to secure and strengthen trust in critical assets being used as the building blocks of applications and services. AppCheck’s reporting and remediation workflows are quick and easy to understand, providing clear alerts and warnings to guide an improved security posture.

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